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E68 Error


There is a common error that affects a large amount of all Xbox 360 hard drives, both original and
third-party brands. The E68 Error can be caused by a few things, such as the hard drive becoming recalibrated due to a conflict with another input device.

Although the Error can cause a scary Red Ring to show on your Xbox 360 this is just to show what the error relates to and should disappear once the Hard Drive is removed.

Please complete the fixes in the Order below until the issue is resolves.

If the issue persists after trying the below resolutions, please contact us for a brand-new replacement. Your purchase is covered by our Nextec 1 Year Replacement Warranty.

Fix 1

  1. Turn off the Xbox 360 Console
  2. Disconnect ALL cables and ALL USB devices
  3. Remove the Hard Drive
  4. Let the hard drive and console cool down if you have been using it
  5. Clean and Blow into the connectors on the Console and Hard drive, ensuring all dust is removed.
  6. Use a slightly damp cloth to remove dust and clean, let dry well.
  7. Put the Xbox 360 in the VIRTICLE position
  8. Plug ONLY the Power and Video Cable into the Xbox 360 and Turn On.
  9. If an update shows, click back and let boot to dashboard.
  10. Turn the console off and plug in the hard drive
  11. Turn the console back on
  12. If E68 shows up, use the switch on the video cable and switch to the other video output and back again after a couple of seconds.
  13. DO NOT connect any other USB devices such as flash or memory drives at the same time as the Hard Drive, even after issue is resolved as this can cause recalibration.
  14. If the issue persists, continue to Fix 2.

Fix 2

Use the Xbox 360 Transfer Cable to Fully Reformat the Hard Drive (save any data to the PC First)
Various things can cause the hard drive to recalibrate, such as having a flash or memory drive plugged in at the same time. Reformatting will return the hard drive to original settings.
If the issue persists, continue to Fix 3.


Fix 3

The E68 error can also be cause by the arm in the drive becoming stuck, this can be resolved by shaking the hard drive or gently taping it onto a hard surface, you may need to try it a few times and try various sides to free up the arm inside.

If the issue persists after trying all three fixes, please contact us for a replacement